The Offshore Wind Innovation Hub (OWIH) is the UK’s primary coordinator of innovation, focusing on offshore wind energy cost reduction and maximising UK economic impact.

The hub presents UK offshore wind innovation priorities, supply chain growth opportunities and a comprehensive view of the funding landscape.

Innovation Roadmaps

The Offshore Wind Innovation Hub’s roadmaps are advanced prioritisation tools that identify the innovation needs of the offshore wind sector. They have been built in collaboration with industry and academia and identify the key challenges and priorities for offshore wind.


*Please note that the roadmaps will download automatically as a zip folder into your ‘Downloads’

Guiding Principles

The OWIH’s guiding principles are to be:

  • Impartial – evidence-based and objective in its activities and recommendations.
  • Inclusive – encouraging activities and convening project consortia without preference for any particular organisation.
  • Trustworthy – delivering reliable, valid, accurate, and responsible information that can be trusted by the private and public sector.

The Hub’s Mission

Under the direction of the Hub’s Technical Advisory Group, which includes senior technology leaders from all parts of the UK offshore wind supply chain, the Hub is:

  • Consulting industry to define the sector’s innovation priorities;
  • Convening industry to respond to funding calls most effectively;
  • Promoting the industry’s priorities and successes through domestic and international platforms;
  • Informing government of sector priorities.

More information on the OWIH website here:

Contact Our Team

Cameron Wilson

Strategy Analyst | Road-mapping

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Cameron is a Strategy Analyst with a background in Electrical Engineering (BEng), and Renewable Energy and Environmental Modelling (MSc).

Since starting at ORE Catapult in 2021, Cameron has primarily been responsible for the maintenance of the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub roadmaps, an advanced prioritisation tool that identifies the innovation needs of the offshore wind sector. In addition to offshore wind technology roadmapping, Cameron also led the publication of ORE Catapult’s industry-leading Tidal Stream Technology Roadmap report and is heavily involved in multiple cost reduction activities focusing on emerging technologies such as floating offshore wind and offshore wind produced green hydrogen.

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