National Offshore Anemometry Platform (NOAH)

Demonstrating and validating new technologies to cost-effectively obtain critical wind resource data.

As wind farms continue to be deployed further offshore and into deeper waters with increasingly challenging conditions, ORE Catapult’s offshore anemometry platform enables clients to test, calibrate and validate remote sensor technologies in a representative Round 3 environment.

Testing Services

Clients can prove reliability, data availability and performance, as well as evaluate environmental conditions, observe marine conditions and collect wildlife data for R&D purposes.

  • Hosting floating lidar trials
  • Data licensing for wind and ocean conditions
  • Consenting and permitting
  • Project support
  • Collaborative R&D projects
  • SME product development support
  • Hosting instrumentation and monitoring of new equipment
  • Providing third-party validation reports

Located 3nm off the coast of Blyth, Northumberland, the National Offshore Anemometry Hub (NOAH) provides wind resource and environmental data to validate new remote sensing techniques.


For us it’s really important that we have a mast that’s also highly regarded, considered compliant, that we’re dealing with a team that understands how a testing campaign works, what we need from the data. In the Catapult, we get a partner that understands what we are trying to accomplish.

PS Reilly


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