Innovation Challenges

We have identified a number of specific technology innovation challenges within the offshore renewable energy industry, the resolution of which will help drive down the cost of offshore renewable energy, and have a positive impact on the UK economy.

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We work with offshore renewables’ Owner/Operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to add value to their activities and to support and influence
the future of the industry.



We are an independent partner able to convene the sector, with expertise and experience in reducing cost and risk associated with offshore renewable energy
technology development and operations. We use our expertise in testing, validation and demonstration to de-risk the introduction of new technologies.

We have collaboration agreements with EDF Energy Renewables and Scottish Power Renewables.


Original Equipment Manufacturers

We are a solutions provider for OEMs – providing solutions to validate designs, manufacturing processes and product reliability through innovative test set-ups and test methodologies. This enables clients to bring products to market earlier and with greater confidence. We can assist in validating OEM technologies, supporting incremental innovations and R&D programmes, setting challenges and providing innovative solutions.


Offshore Wind Programme Board and Industry Council

We are members of, and provide secretariat and project management support to both the Offshore Wind Industry Council and the Offshore Wind Programme Board. These bodies comprise industry leaders, including owner operators, OEMs, Tier One supply chain and government. The Offshore Wind Industry Council is co-chaired by Ministers from BEIS and DIT. This role helps to build closer relationships with key stakeholders to identify innovation priorities as well as providing thought leadership to key policy discussions, Industrial Strategy and the proposed Offshore Wind Sector Deal.



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