Energy Transition Alliance Blade Recycling Report – Full Version

Published 29 March 2021

This report is the conclusion of the first phase of the Energy Transition Alliance’s Blade Recycling ProjectHere, the current methods of blade disposal are reviewed, the future scale of composite blade decommissioning is projected, and the influence of a changing regulatory framework is evaluated Next, you will find an outline and assessment of all the scenarios for recycling of glass and fibre reinforced plastics that are under development and trial or are establishing themselves across various sectors. The emphasis throughout is on the feasibility of these technologies and approaches for use at the scale and cost that will be required by the sector as it follows a rapid growth trajectory in the coming years. 

In Phase 2, the project partners ORE Catapult and OGTC will select the most promising solutions from this study for further exploration and demonstration under the third and final phase of the project.