Operation Zero 2023 Group Update

Published 14 September 2023

The Operation Zero 2023 group update, launched in support of Clean Maritime Day at London International Shipping Week, highlights technology priorities for the group who are working together to make zero-emission offshore wind operations a reality.

Operation Zero, originally launched at COP26, is an industry coalition working together to accelerate the decarbonisation of the operations and maintenance vessels in the offshore wind sector, with a view to making them zero-emission by 2025.

The update highlights 2 key topics:

  • The first is the technology roadmaps for service offshore vessels and crew transfer vessels. These highlight key technology developments and infrastructure needed in ports to support these vessels. Delivery of this roadmap, which outlines Industry’s understanding of technology priorities between now and 2050, will help simplify the complex fuel landscape for vessels.
  • The second key topic highlights remaining market challenges, aligned to not only the COP26 2025 commitment but also in decarbonising this sector more generally. This document also outlines the Operation Zero intervention planned to help overcome these challenges.

This framework will enable collaboration amongst the large number of stakeholders in delivering these vessels, including the offshore wind industry, the vessel industry, supply chains, government and regulators.