Offshore emerging renewables in Wales: The Opportunity for the South Wales Industrial Cluster (SWIC)

Published 25 April 2023

Marine and offshore renewable energy sources in
Wales offer a currently untapped solution to help
decarbonise businesses comprising the South Wales
Industrial Cluster, and beyond, with a high abundance
of resource availability off the South Wales coast.
Additionally, the diversity of sources represented
by wave, wind and tide can help to create a more
resilient renewable energy supply if developed in
conjunction with each other.

Both tidal range and tidal stream offer a 100%
predictable and reliable form of renewable energy;
and with tidal cycles operating at different times
at different points along the South Wales coast
there lies an opportunity to maximise balanced
power generation through geographically
distributing installations.


This report provides a summary of the marine and
offshore renewable energy potential within and adjacent
to Welsh Waters, with a focus on those in the South and
West to ensure economic feasibility is maximised through
proximity and direct adjacency to the demand associated
with the South Wales Industrial Cluster.


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