Tidal Stream and Wave Energy Cost Reduction and Industrial Benefit

Published 2 May 2018

The UK’s tidal stream and wave energy industries are at a key juncture. The momentum created by significant UK public support between c.2004 and 2014 has now visibly slowed, with a knock-on impact on private sector investor confidence.

The aim of this study, by the Catapult’s Gavin Smart and Miriam Noonan, is to assess the value in further public support for the tidal stream and wave energy industries. In order to assess the viability of new forms of renewable energy, the UK government’s clean growth strategy has set out three tests:

  • Can we see a clear cost reduction pathway for this technology, so we can deliver low cost solutions?
  • Can the UK develop world-leading technology in a sizeable global market?
  • Does this deliver maximum carbon emission reduction?

This study has been conducted to assess whether the UK’s tidal stream and wave energy industries can deliver on these tests.


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