Quantifying the benefits of tidal stream energy to the wider UK energy system

Extracting and Using Weather Time-Series Data for Offshore Renewable Energy Projects

Carbon footprint of offshore wind farm components

End-of-life planning in offshore wind

Initial Predictions for Offshore Wind Farms in the ScotWind Leasing Round

Setting a benchmark for decarbonising O&M vessels of offshore wind farms

Using floating offshore wind to power oil and gas platforms

The benefits of hybrid bottom-fixed and floating wind sites

Impact of Oil Price on Offshore Wind

What are Operations and Maintenance Simulation Tools?

Realising the Sector Deal Opportunity

Analysing Turbine Stop Events: Enabling Better O&M Decision-Making

Inspection Management Tools in Offshore Wind: Improving Safety, Efficiency and Compliance

Climbing the Digital Maturity Ladder: Data & Digitalisation in Offshore Renewables

UAV Approaches to Turbine Inspection: Reducing Reliance on Rope-Access

Autonomous Systems for Bathymetry Surveys

Driving Cross-Sector Innovation in Offshore Wind

An Introduction to Airborne Wind

Autonomous Systems in O&M: Removing the Barriers to BVLOS Operations

Floating Offshore Wind: A Situational Analysis

A Great Leap Forward? Offshore Wind in Ireland

Predicting Dynamic Subsea Cable Failure for Floating Wind

Offshore Wind Subsea Power Cables: Installation, Operation and Market Trends

Emergency Response Intervention: Benefits of Advanced Medical Training

Owner-Led Offshore Wind Gearbox Replacement

Re-Energising the UK’s Coastal Communities: The Impact and Benefits of Regional Engagement

Breaking into the Offshore Wind Sector: A Primer for New Market Entrants

Repairing Lightning Strike Damage

Extending Turbine Lift Statutory Inspection Intervals

An Introduction to Risk in Floating Wind: Key Risks and how to Mitigate Them

Spare Parts Management in Offshore Wind

Multi-Skilling Control Room Staff at Gwynt y Môr

E.ON and Uniper Engineering Academy’s Offshore Wind Apprenticeships

Service Operating Vessel Logistics at Dudgeon

Moving Toward a Subsidy-Free Future for Offshore Wind

Helicopter Crew Transfers at Westermost Rough

The Economic Value of Offshore Wind: Benefits to the UK of Supporting the Industry

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring: Data Processing and Power Quality Requirements

Jacket Foundation O&M: Early Adopter Experience

Offshore Wind Cost Reduction

Cost Modelling Analysis of Floating Wind Technologies

An Alternative End-of-Warranty Contracting Strategy

Operational Data Integration Using CORE: A Global, Bespoke SCADA System

BLEEP: Reducing the Cost Impacts of Wind Turbine Blade Erosion

A Strategic Approach to Planned and Reactive Maintenance at Robin Rigg

Early Fault Detection Using SCADA: An Exploration of E.ON’s Intelligent Use of Operational Data

Building Information Modelling for offshore wind projects: improving working methods and reducing costs

A Novel Offshore Wind Transfer Technique

An Assessment of Real-World Crew Transfer Vessel Capabilities at Gwynt y Môr

Responding to An Emergency