Whitmarsh Offshore Wind Supply Chain Review Cover Photo
Analysis & Insight

Analysing Turbine Stop Events: Enabling Better O&M Decision-Making

Published 22 May 2019

Whitmarsh Offshore Wind Supply Chain Review Cover Photo

The substantial and varied data streams generated in offshore wind to analyse turbine behaviour offer a significant untapped opportunity to enable better-informed O&M decision-making strategies.

A detailed understanding of what data is available and the insights it can provide can be supplemented by a thorough and structured data analytics approach to provide significant added value to wind turbine and wind farm operators.

There are several challenges and perceived barriers around unlocking this value but the potential results make these worth overcoming.

The latest in our O&M Case Studies series, by Alistair Lee, highlights the benefits of a structured and thorough approach to analysing wind turbine stop events for the purpose of establishing whether stop behaviour was anomalous or potentially damaging for the asset. Data was gathered from one turbine at an operational offshore wind farm in the UK that has been anonymised at the owner’s request.