Analysis & Insight

Re-Energising the UK’s Coastal Communities: The Impact and Benefits of Regional Engagement

Published 15 April 2018

SPARTA Portfolio 2017/18 ORE Catapult Offshore Wind Benchmarking

How do small companies, widely dispersed around the UK, get to know about the challenges and opportunities in offshore renewable energy and how do they then find support to diversify into the sector?

This paper, by Simon Cheeseman, examines the Catapult’s Regional Engagement model, which enables us to support the development of innovative technologies on a national scale by working with local networks and supply chains. It looks at how we are helping several regions – particularly coastal communities – benefit from one of our largest clean growth opportunities. Through examples and case studies, it will demonstrate the Catapult’s commitment to broadening the offshore renewables innovation footprint and helping to grow UK supply chain capability, build regional GVA, and create skilled jobs.