Ethical Futures with Livingston James

Website visit Address Virtual Event Start April 21, 2021 - 10:30 am End April 21, 2021 -11:30 am
Companies need to understand the environmental impacts of their businesses and to respond to the increasing market pressure driven by investors, consumers, the media, regulators and other stakeholders. However, the range of methods and applications available and the lack of unified regulations prevent businesses from meeting all these challenges on their own. Livingston James wanted to create a forum whereby some of these key issues around sustainability can be discussed.
In the first of the Ethical Futures seminars, we will hear from our cross sector panel of experts on their thoughts on the importance of ethical sourcing and how embracing a sustainable supply chain will unleash financial and operational benefits. We will also address the environmental and community impact today’s business leaders need to consider when creating a sustainable business strategy.


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