World Hydrogen & Wind Projects

Website visit Address Virtual Event Start February 17, 2021 - 10:00 am End February 17, 2021 -4:00 pm

The wind industry has enjoyed a decade of dramatic growth with both capital and opex costs falling fast and is set to continue a CAGR of 8%+. This conference will examine the potential for the wind and hydrogen industry to grow equally fast, or even eventually exceed the wind for electricity industry. Both onshore and offshore will be covered by a panel of thought leaders and examine how wind can be effectively married to hydrogen.

How will wind adapt for hydrogen production? What innovative pathways exist? Will we see the reuse of oil and gas platforms for offshore electrolysis? Could we see the development of artificial islands and other novel concepts?


ORE Catapult Presence

David Wallace – Senior Strategy Manager – ORE Catapult

Panel: Optimising Offshore Wind Plants for Hydrogen Production

  • Unlocking the commercial opportunities in this new market growth sector
  • Exploring different hydrogen systems to optimize integration with offshore wind
  • Onshore or offshore electrolysis: transporting electrons through substations vs. molecules via pipelines
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