Dr John Nwobu

Research Engineer, Grid & Storage
+44 (0) 141 5597072

Dr John Nwobu has over 7 years of experience in working within the wind power, power electronics, and energy storage industry.  He joined ORE Catapult in 2019 to provide input into the electrical infrastructure as a Research Engineer in Grid & Storage. He is responsible for the support and delivery of research and development activities related to electrical grid and storage and the development of the R&D and commercial activity in this area.

He is currently involved in some of the cutting-edge leading projects within the wind industry such as the Total Control H2020, FarmConners H2020 and ERANET CLUE project. In the Total Control project, he leads the development task of a baseline hierarchical wind power plant supervisory controller for wind farms.  In FarmConners project, he is part of the team working on the tasks on regulatory issues, standards, and certification in wind farms. In CLUE project, he part of the team looking at the demonstration of wind power multi-vector energy systems in the Fife local energy community in UK. He also leads across company academic research projects looking at energy storage in wind farms.

Prior to joining ORE Catapult, John was a project lead on research and development of hybrid energy storage systems for UK company where he was involved in the development of hybrid energy storage projects for UK and Global Energy Markets. He has an author of a number of journals and conference papers.