Dr Mark Forrest

Blade Research Leader
+44 (0) 1670 357711

Dr Mark Forrest oversees all aspects of Blades Research as part of Research & Disruptive Innovation Directorate at ORE Catapult. His more than 20 years of experience in Composite R&D have been within academic, governmental, and commercial organisations with a focus on out-of-autoclave composite materials and processes, mostly around Resin Infusion variants (such as VARTM and RTM). He has worked in a number of industries including aerospace, marine, motorsport, defence, medical and Wind Energy.

While working at Vestas he conceived novel materials and processes for the manufacture of low-cost composites preforms as part of an Innovate UK Composites “Grand Challenge” Project. His background research interests include materials and process development of photocurable composite systems and has applied a number of these systems across a range of industrial applications under Additive Manufacturing remits. He gained his PhD at Monash University developing composite materials along classical structure-property based relationships.