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The Industrialisation Team performs research into materials and their manufacturing techniques across the wind turbine, from the blades to foundations. Tidal and wave energy support is also provided through the Marine Energy team.


The research ranges from:


Developing innovative new materials, materials test methods and validation modelling solutions for industry issues with UK academia, industry and RTO organisations.


Developing more efficient manufacturing processes through process design, automation and simulation.

Business support

Supporting UK companies looking to enter the energy market with industry knowledge including test and validation requirements, research activities and access to our test and validation platforms through our Technical Directorate.


Performing desktop technology analysis, reviews and validations covering materials solutions through to energy platform assessments for materials phenomena.


Supporting industry collaborations and standardization as well as industry research organisations.



Our team have been driving the fundamental understanding of blade leading edge erosion research through academic research in the BLEER project. This has been continued in the Horizon projects to update standard erosion testing in ISO and DNV standards, and develop a novel Thin Film method for cheap erosion product comparisons and formulation development.

Research Paper


Meet our Research Team who are leading the Materials & Industralisation at ORE Catapult. If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to get in touch with them below.


Dr Deri Galvin is the Head of Industrialisation and leads the team at ORE Catapult. He has a wealth of experience in technology development across materials and manufacturing at Rolls-Royce having led high-profile programmes across nuclear, defence and aerospace industries. His focus is driving and enabling industrialisation of the UK wind sector.

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Dr Kirsten Dyer is the Lead RD Engineer Materials responsible for overviewing all materials research. As well as her OEM background on blades at Gamesa, she was responsible for all materials and processes on all of the BAE Systems commercial aircraft.

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Dr Mark Forrest, Industrial Innovation Specialist, is responsible for manufacturing development. Mark has 25+ years experience in the Composites Industry, specifically around out-of-autoclave manufacturing research. He has worked on Materials and Process development in multiple industries including marine, motorsport, defence, and wind energy. His wind energy experience includes blade development with a turbine OEM. His research interests include thermoplastic blade development, composites automation and additive manufacture.

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Dr Stephen Jones is a Senior RD Engineer Materials. His expertise is polymer chemistry and has proven capability in materials characterisation and product development after working at DuPont Teijin Films for 7 years. Please contact him for his specified topic areas and all polymer assessments, developments and testing.

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Dr Dimitrios Mamalis is a Senior R&D Engineer: Materials & Process. He specialises on materials’ development, characterisation, and their industrial applications. Formerly, he was a Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (2016-2019) in wind and tidal related EU-funded projects at the University of Edinburgh. His ongoing research focuses on advanced thermoplastic, thermoset and hybrid composite materials, additive manufacturing of novel sustainable polymer composites, functional surface coatings and blade inspection/cleaning techniques. Knowledge and experience in nanomaterials, metals, ceramics, polymers, fluid dynamics, wetting phenomena and heat transfer phenomena.

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Dr Ben Cockings is a Senior RD Engineer: Materials. He specialises in metallic materials, fatigue, wear and surface interactions. He was a researcher at the Rolls-Royce UTC based at Swansea University for 9 years and has an excellent knowledge of the materials research landscape in the UK. Please contact him for his specified topic areas and all metallic assessments, developments and testing.

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Peter Kinsley, an RD Materials Engineer, utilises his mechanical engineering and meteorological expertise to develop advanced materials modelling techniques for efficient materials testing, O&M support and materials reliability concerns. His approaches can address challenges in the complex field of leading edge erosion and other materials areas.

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Jaganath Thirunavukkarasu is an RD Engineer with a background in composite materials and process. He has extensive experience working with various composite manufacturing processes, including RTM, Vacuum Bagging, Autoclave, and resin infusion process. Additionally, he has expertise in the recycling of carbon fiber process. Prior to joining ORE Catapult, Jaganath also worked in the wind industry at LM Wind Power as an Infusion Design Engineer, where he focused on optimizing the manufacturing process for wind turbine blades. If you have any inquiries in his specified topic areas, please feel free to contact him.

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