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Extracting and Using Weather Time-Series Data for Offshore Renewable Energy Projects

Published 29 June 2021

Weather time-series data is vital for many analysis activities in the offshore renewable energy sector. This includes energy analysis to estimate expected revenue from a project, establishing design criteria, and weather downtime modelling to predict the impact of metocean conditions on constructing, operating and maintaining offshore assets. One publicly available source of weather time-series data is the ERA5 dataset, accessed through the European-funded Copernicus project.

ORE Catapult has produced a Python script to enable the extraction of ERA5 weather time-series data from the Copernicus website. The script is freely available here.

This paper written by Dr Anthony Gray supports the release of the script by highlighting how weather time-series data is valuable for offshore renewable energy projects and provides a reference for how to use the script to full effect.

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