Published 13 June 2023

Windscope offers a web-based platform combining cutting-edge AI for turbine health monitoring and performance analysis with seamless data integration.

Windscope enables turbine owners and operators to see what condition each of the main turbine subsystems is in, for any of their turbines, at the click of a button. This enables better proactive turbine management, increases turbine availability, and drives down cost through reduced failures and better planned maintenance.

Working with ORE Catapult

Windscope started working with ORE Catapult in 2021 as part of a collaborative bid for grant funding through the UK Government’s Energy Entrepreneurs Fund. The Windscope platform – a way to determine turbine health without additional hardware – was developed alongside experts at ORE Catapult.

Since January 2023, the platform is currently deployed on over 100 onshore turbines and has produced positive results in driving enhancements and added functionality. The company have successfully raised a significant seed round of funding and are planning for a rapid commercial launch.

Joe Donnelly at Windscope said: “The development has been significant and successful in delivering a fantastic product. We are currently looking for other funding opportunities to continue collaborative development alongside ORE Catapult.”

Plans for 2023

The primary objective for 2023 is to secure early commercial adopters and secure funding for further functionality development through 2024. Windscope are also aiming to support clients commercially with their internal digital and AI developments, bringing some of the Windscope expertise to bespoke projects for organisational requirements.

The next five years

Windscope will be serving a global client-base and the largest player in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) analytics and AI based condition monitoring.

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