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Engineering Technology Applications (ETA)

Published 17 January 2020

With increased activity in offshore wind, a greater diversity in products, services and innovation continues to be accelerated to market – particularly in emerging sectors such as floating wind. As projects are developed, there will be a growing need to seamlessly connect complex subsea cable systems to one another, allowing quick coupling of floating turbine generator systems to the power transmission network.

As a result, Hampshire-based subsea cable specialists, Engineering Technology Applications (ETA), designed the Drymate Connector – an innovative subsea power connector that joins different cable designs to one another. The versatile system means different power rated cables can be quickly coupled using one system, whilst protecting the cable joint from exposure to seawater.

To further develop the Drymate Connector for the offshore wind market, ETA turned to ORE Catapult’s test and validation specialists and industry-leading high voltage facilities in Blyth. Tests were connected on a 60kV connector using two power cables, both 66kV rating, to qualify the connector for operation in the field.

Having tested with ORE Catapult, ETA is providing the market with a product that supports faster cable technology deployment offshore; reducing operational costs and increasing the reliability of cable transmission in offshore wind.