Alternate Communications Systems

Published 19 September 2018

Facilitating high-fidelity communications for offshore wind support fleets.

The Project

As the offshore wind industry moves towards becoming a more established marketplace, owner/operators are looking to establish optimal strategies and technologies for the delivery of cost-effective, safe, and sustainable practices to maintain not just single wind farms but entire fleets further from shore.

The Alternate Communications Systems project aims to develop and demonstrate the following:

  • Suitable in-field communications to support hi-fidelity communications for video, voice and data.
  • Remote diagnostic and augmented reality technology for the offshore wind sector.
  • Appropriate business models for operations and maintenance technology and technician support.

ORE Catapult will provide access to companies with suitable technologies to demonstrate at the 7MW Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine, and will also facilitate access to other offshore assets for demonstration purposes.

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