Published 6 February 2020

Putting the UK at the heart of Europe’s Marine Energy Economy

PERISCOPE is a £4.1 million project funded by the European Regional Development Fund that will focus on growing a marine energy supply chain in the North Sea Region, one of the world’s most promising locations for tidal and wave energy sites.
The goal is to grow 300 companies that have products and services relevant to the future ‘blue economy’. Alongside this entrepreneurial discovery process, the partners are tasked with building a coherent knowledge base that brings together existing but fragmented ideas, experience and technological innovations.
The chain of suppliers established under the project will cover the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.
A secondary aim of the project is to initiate at least ten innovation partnerships in the region and feed knowledge into existing cross-border innovation projects in the marine energy sector.

UK Impact

ORE Catapult is supporting on engagement with Scotland-based SMEs and seeks to embed UK participant companies into the wider supply chain across Europe, ensuring compatibility, knowledge-sharing and cross-over of technology innovations.

More information

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