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About S3NVentus

S3NVentus are a design and project management company supplying specialist and innovative engineered products to the Offshore Renewable Energy market.

The multi-disciplined team bring over 60 years of experience in innovative offshore design, engineering, and delivering offshore and subsea products, including over 100 projects and 500 Bend Stiffener Connector units.

Based in Ashington, Northumberland, S3NVentus was formed to support floating offshore wind by adapting their extensive oil and gas experience to support the emerging needs of the renewables industry.

The technology

S3NVentus’ patent-protected products seamlessly integrate cable and flexible installation systems and protection systems to provide reduced risk, cost effective, sustainable solutions.

Participation in ORE Catapult’s Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence’s (FOW CoE) Technology Development Programme has helped them to develop a qualification plan for their innovative 66kVA cable installation and release system. This cost-effective solution enables seamless installation of cable and bend stiffeners using a Bend Stiffener Connector system designed and optimised for the challenges of floating offshore wind. The qualification plan has been endorsed by DNV and will guide subsequent testing and qualification of the product.

S3NVentus is the only provider of a tested and certified cable release system, designed specifically for rigorous fatigue loads expected from floating offshore wind facilities. S3NVentus has also established a test and manufacturing facility for static and dynamic testing of client products over a large range of cable sizes, loads and installation angles.


Why is this technology needed?

Significant growth in the Floating Offshore Wind market is anticipated over the next 10 years. With the supply chain already at high capacity due to oil and gas requirements, S3NVentus offer clients support from an experienced and qualified team who are technology driven at cost competitive rates.

This support in the Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) market is based on vast experience in the offshore Oil and Gas industry, and there is a need within the FOW market to develop existing technologies to specific industry needs without losing the qualification and operating history of existing technology.

How did you get involved with ORE Catapult?

Previously, S3NVentus successfully participated in the Launch Academy North East and TIGGOR programmes, and recently it has been taking part in ORE Catapult’s Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence’s Technology Development Programme.

TIGGOR included a full-sized prototype Bend Stiffener Connector and Associated Release Systems (in accordance with API 17L1) successfully achieving substantial API 17N TRL level requirements.

The TIGGOR program led to S3NVentus participating in a qualification program in accordance with DNV-RP-A203, working alongside ORE Catapult’s Floating Offshore Centre of Excellence & DNV.

Success so far…

S3NVentus has successfully completed both a full product testing program and a product qualification . The qualified product was the Bend Stiffener Connector and Associated Release Systems, which enable quick and efficient subsea connection, planned disconnection and quick release of the dynamic cable from the floating facility.

With one business support partnership already in place, S3NVentus are in discussions regarding further business support and supply chain partnerships.

Applications and discussions are at an advanced stage regarding an international funding program, which will see S3NVentus, and our international partners conduct further testing and qualification of our design methodologies and manufacturing processes, increasing cost and schedule benefits to our customer base.

These developments are supported with the recent recruitment of two experienced design and project engineers, with further recruitment planned in the near future.

What are you hoping to achieve over the course of this year?

The company has existing and far-reaching targets for the coming year which are to grow the client base, continuation of the testing and qualification programs, and to form new long-lasting client, supply chain and business support partnerships.

These will be supported, for example, by the advancement of fundamental business foundations of staff recruitment, advanced simulation software licensing, and development of test facilities and capabilities, all based on customer need.

Where do you see the company in five years’ time?

Our plan is to see the company become a leading international business with a significant local footprint supported by strategic international supply chain and business support partnerships.

The local footprint will give S3NVentus the opportunity to develop the skills and capabilities of a wide range of company roles and supply chain partners.


“ORE Catapult were an invaluable project partner to S3N Ventus. The support covered various aspects such as industry insight, industry partnerships and contacts alongside the grant funding support. ORE Catapult always acted with the highest professionalism and integrity and took great care to understand and support client confidentiality and opportunities.” Richard Pattison, Project & Sales Lead

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