Launch Academy supports the commercialisation of UK-based SMEs as they seek to introduce innovative new products and services into the offshore wind industry.

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Introducing National Launch Academy Cohort 3

Aquatec Logo

Aquatec has been designing technology and custom underwater measurement, monitoring, and communication solutions for over three decades. Its diverse portfolio features products that measure physical oceanographic and subsea process parameters, and custom systems for applications in offshore energy, covering cathodic protection and monitoring, structural dynamics, and remote data access with underwater readouts and through-water communication systems.


 Built-ID Logo

Built-ID is a B Corp software company that enables decision-makers to deliver more socially impactful and sustainable places, using its award-winning digital community & occupier engagement platform, Give My View. 


Eleven-I provides a field proven wind turbine blade condition monitoring solution, from sensing hardware and data handling, to analytics, prediction and reporting. The goal is to reduce the cost of wind power through faster introduction of new products, reduced O&M, fewer catastrophic failures, improved blade performance and extended lifetimes.  


enverse logo

Enverse is a software company that simplifies the integration and engineering of machine learning solutions for industrial and energy companies. Our company has created a comprehensive library of pre-built analytics algorithms and ML solutions tailored to diverse industry applications. By leveraging our solutions, engineering hours for customized software development can be reduced by as much as 80%. 


napkin innovation logo

Napkin Innovation is developing a portfolio of IP for the offshore renewables industry, in particular a mechanical alternative to grout for the quicker, cheaper and cleaner installation of jacket foundations.


Seascape Surveillance is a technology start-up developing an innovative and disruptive approach to shipping and wildlife surveys for the offshore renewables industry.

Sea Thor Logo

SeaThor offers a range of engineering and technical solutions for our customers, focusing on cables, flexibles and umbilicals for the offshore energy market.  In addition to analysing, defining and offering guidance on products we also conduct research and development with the primary objective of helping to deliver new and innovative products to the market through research, concept development, design feasibility assessments, and product testing. 



SkyLifter Ltd is an early-stage technology integrator supported by the founder and investors. Our very experienced team of engineers are merging the technologies of Lighter-Than-Air, solar powered electric propulsion and crane hooks to create practical air-cranes that overcome the physical limits of land/sea cranes and helicopters 


Tugdock Limited are an innovative start-up company developing our patented submersible buoyancy products. Our technologyacts as additional buoyancy or as submersible platforms for lifting, launching, or stabilising heavy marinestructures. 


Verlume is an Aberdeen based, award-winning technology business deploying energy management systems that operate in harsh marine and offshore environments, used to power critical applications, displace other fuel sources, or reduce emissions. Leveraging Verlume’s subsea engineering expertise to survive the harsh environment for deep water applications, the technology design is portable to allow for shallow water installation and/or surface installation. 

Key Dates

  • Programme start: March 2023
  • Mid-term event: July 2023
  • Graduation: November 2023

National Launch Academy: Mid-term 2023

The 10 UK-based businesses and innovators joined us at the ORE Catapult facilities in Blyth for the ‘mid-term’ event of the programme, where they shared their progress and had networking opportunities with key sponsors.

Take a look at the videos below to hear from: Enverse Founder, Howard Han Wuen Low, Managing Director of Aquatec, Andy Smerdon, and Tugdock Director of Growth and Strategy, Lucas Lowe-Haughton. We caught up with them at the mid-term event as they explain why they applied for the programme and how it has helped support their business.

Why did you apply to Launch Academy?

How has Launch Academy supported your business?

What happens after Launch Academy ends?