Academy Cohort

GreenSpur Wind Ltd

A revolutionary ferrite-based direct-drive (DD) permanent magnet (PM) generator for large offshore wind turbines


A unique walking robotic platform designed to remotely carry out detailed inspections, maintenance and repairs on wind turbine blades

Offshore Survival Systems

Aims to revolutionise ‘Far from Shore’ operations by introducing unmanned, and semi-automated lifesaving vessels available on permanent standby operation

First Airborne Britannia

Developing a fully automated airborne platform & service permanently stationed within large infrastructure facilities – primarily offshore wind farms. Key applications include constant wind farm performance monitoring, and structural inspection on demand.


Developing a novel low-cost, easy to install lidar to support individual wind turbine control.

Ventus Engineering

Ventus novel TripleCMAS blade sensor technology converts the rotor and entire swept area into a monitoring instrument for existing and future off- and onshore wind turbines. It is a cost-efficient, easy-to-use, robust and modular rotor monitoring technology. This solution can also be developed into an overall wind farm wake management system and to improved WTG health forecasting for setting up predictive maintenance programmes.

Microsense Technologies Ltd

Inventor and patent holder of a revolutionary new sensor technology, bringing precise, real-time monitoring and actionable intelligence to key offshore assets, through compact, non-contact sensors that help companies dramatically reduce waste, increase production efficiency, meet environmental standards and improve their profits.

Renewable Dynamics

Developing a novel Wind Farm Control solution to optimise the economic return of merchant wind farms, reacting to market prices and wind conditions while managing the life of the wind turbines.


Transformative solutions for more efficient, safer lifting. Their technology solutions make significant health and safety improvements to the lifting environment, in any industry

REOptimize Systems

Providing optimisation tools to improve asset performance. Their key product ACTOS is a revolutionary system for the optimisation of wind, tidal and hydro turbine control parameters.

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