Platform for Operational Data (POD)

The Platform for Operational Data (POD) enables you to access and request data sets collected by the Catapult from our operational Levenmouth 7MW offshore wind demonstration turbine. Better access to quality data leads to better analysis and insight and thus better decision-making – this, in turn, leads to reduced risk for investors and greater return on investment. We aim to support innovative research, projects and product development through data provision to academics, researchers, and the wider community pursuing growth opportunities in renewable energy.

How does it work?

Browse the POD catalogue and request your required datasets. Samples of each data collection are available for you to view. There is a small charge to cover the data retrieval, depending on the size or complexity of the request, and this will be calculated after we have received your request.

When you have chosen the data collections and time periods you are interested in, we will ask you to briefly describe what you intend to use the data for. When you have submitted your request, we will endeavour to respond to you about the delivery of your request within three working days.

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